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From the home page, now you can quickly see Your Recent Emails. We'll show your most recent 10 emails that were sent out over the last 6 weeks.

You'll see the Subject line of the email, the date and time the email was sent out, and a Report button.  If you hover over the subject line of the email with your mouse, you'll see 3 links:  preview, copy, resend to a member.


If you click the Report Button, you'll be brought to the detailed email report for that email.  This way you can quickly see how that email performed!

If you click the Preview link, a preview of the email that was sent will appear.  This can help remind you of the contents of the email.

If you click the Copy link, a copy of your sent email will be created, and you'll be brought to step 3 of that copied email so that you can make any edits and send out another email.  

If you click the Resend to a Member link, a preview of the email that was sent will appear, and a Send To box will appear at the bottom.  You can use this to easily resend an email to anyone.  

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