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The Webpage links allows you to insert store-based links into your emails. The links can be to common social media sites, restaurant review sites, and online ordering or online reservation sites.  The sites included are: Store website, Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Yelp, Chowhound, Blog, Google+, Online Reservations, and Online Ordering.  There are also two custom URL fields that can be used.

Customize Display of Links

1. Click View current link for the link you want to customize.
2. An area will be provided per store location to enter a link for the site you've chosen to edit.

3. To customize the image associated with the link, click Choose display.

4. Select, Use an Image, browse for the new image and click Upload.

• Note: You may reset the image to the default by clicking Reset To Default Image link below the current image.

5. To use text instead of an image, click Use Text.

6. Enter the text to be displayed as the hyperlink in your emails.

• Note: To add the links to your emails, use the Insert Links drop down in the Advanced Editor.


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