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The Visibility tab highlights which online local directories, such as Google Maps, have your phone and address information correct, and more importantly, which directories have them listed incorrectly.  Accurate address and phone number listings on all the online directories are critical for making it easy for your customers to find you.  We review hundreds of online directories, such as Google Maps, Yahoo! Local, Bing Local, MapQuest,, SuperPages, adn more to ensure your address and phone number are correct.

A listing is similar to your information appearing in the phone book - but listed online instead.  An online listing will show  your business name, address, phone number, website information, etc.  You business will be listed on hundreds of web sites accross the internet, and its important to make sure your information is correct on all of them.  The Listing Presence pie chart on the top left hand side of this page shows the overall number of listings found for your business, the number of listings that have no problems or discrepencies, and the number of listings that need corrections.  A listing that needs correction usually just means that certain pieces of information are missing from the online listing, such as your website, or hours of operation.  

Your overall repair progress shows you visually how many listings have no problems, the listings with pending corrections, and the listings needing correction.  The Listing and source diagnostics reports shows how many high vs low priority alerts need your attention.  

The High Priority Listings module shows which of your online listings are accurate, and which you need to correct.  Click the "Fix it" button to go straight to the online directory to correct inaccurate listings.  Follow the prompts once on the online directory for how to fix inaccurate information.  


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