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You can upload images as you're writing your messages to post to your Social Media accounts.

From the Post to Social Media page, click the Upload Image link.

 Post char limit 700.jpg 

You'll see a window like below, click Browse to find the image or video you'd like to upload.  First we'll show you how to upload an image.

 Upload image or video.jpg

Locate the file on your computer.  The supported image types are .gif, .jpeg, and .png.

Browse for photo.jpg 


When the image has successfully uploaded, you'll see a preview of the image.  If you're happy with it, click Save Changes.  Or you can click cancel to not associate the image with your post.  

Image preview.jpg 


Once you've added the image to your post, you can see a preview of the image, and at this point you can still remove the image from the post by clicking the "Remove" link just below the image.  If you're happy with your message and your image, you can continue to Post Now, or Set a Date and Time for the message to post to your Social Media accounts.

 Social with pic 700.jpg

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