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Here is a video tutorial that walks you through how to Upload Members.  

Use our Upload Members page to upload a bulk list of your guest's email addresses.  Here are hints to successfully upload an excel spreadsheet of email addresses:

1. Watch the training video for Uploading Members via an xls.
2. View the Tips for Uploading Files and download a sample file.  (see the link in the middle of step 1)
3. View the instructional video on the top right of the page to learn how to upload a file.

1)    Prepare your file for uploading

1.    There are two file formats that Fishbowl accepts: Excel (xls and xlsx) and .csv files. If you are uploading your list in an Excel document, please ensure your data is on the tab named “Sheet1”.

2.    The first row of the document should be the Header row with labels for each column.

3.    In the member upload, there are only two required fields: email address and store code.

(a)  The store codes for your account are displayed on the right side of the Upload Members page.

(b)  Other fields (first name, last name, birthday, etc.) are optional.

NOTE: If you want to update a member’s email address, use the Search for Members function, not Upload Members, because all new email addresses are considered new records.


2)  Upload your file

1.    Use the Browse function to select the file you want to upload from your computer.

'2.    'Confirm that the email addresses that you are about to import have given explicit permission to revceive communications from your eClub.

3.    Keep in mind that all members on the list you are about to upload will receive your welcome message the following morning, as long as it is active.

'4.    'Select any additional list(s) you would like these members to participate in.  General Mailings is selected by default and cannot be de-selected.

5.    Click the “UPLOAD” button.

6.    Match the fields within your file to those within the Local member database.  For any fields that are not automatically matched, you can drag the field name from the left side of the screen to the corresponding field label on the right side.

i)      To undo a match, drag the field back to the left side

ii)     For any fields that do not map to the database, you can leave them on the left side.

7.    Click “Continue” to proceed with the upload.

8.    Once the upload is complete, you will be shown the results of your upload.

-- We've made it so that you can now perform a bulk upload to assign members to multiple lists! -- 

Here are more tips on uploading your file:

  1. Save your file in an Excel (XLS or XLSX) or comma separated (CSV) format.
  2. Your file should have a header row. Check that you have the required fields.
    • Email Address
    • Store Code
      Alexandria Location : 001
      Washington DC : 002
      Reston : 003
      home : 004
      Arlington : 005
  3. If you have extra fields, be sure your labels match what we have on your account (so we see them). 
    • E-mail Address
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Birthdate
    • Anniversary
    • JoinDate
    • Input Source
    • Location
    • Street Address
    • City
    • State
    • Zip Code
    • DateLastDined
    • Salesperson
    Your file can have other fields, but our system will ignore them.
  4. Up to 25000 records may be uploaded to your account each day.
  5. If you're having trouble, check out one of our sample files:


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