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Not sure what to write in an email?  Using our list of Upcoming Holidays and Events as ideas on what type of emails to send out is a great way to engage the guests on your member list and bring them back into your store.

Tango holiday and events.JPG

We’ve made this section more visual by showing the next top 3 major holidays or events.  On the tabs on the bottom, you’ll see the names of 3 holidays, and 3 corresponding email template designs per holiday.  Click on the name of a holiday or event to view the email designs for that holiday.  Click the More tab to view our full holiday and event calendar. 

Event calendar R5.JPG

Mouse over the email design, and click the Create button to begin to write an email using that email design.  Once you click create, you’ll be brought to step 3 of the create new email flow. 


You’ll notice there’s pre written content – this is content we’ve written for you as a starting point.  You can use some of this content, all of it, or none of it.  Simply delete the content if you want to write your own.   

We recommend you schedule your email message to be sent out at least two weeks before the event, so that your guests have enough time to plan to attend!

If you click into the full Holiday and Event calendar, follow these steps to customize and send out your Event Email:  

1.  Select an event from the left hand navigation.  They are categorized by month.
2.  Select a design thumbnail image in the center.
3.  Select Content in the bottom center - Content is pre-written email body copy that we've written for you to help you get started.  Don't worry, you can edit everything you see here!
4.  On the right, you'll see a preview of your design with the sample content.
5.  If it looks good, click Select and Edit.
6.  You will be brought to the Create a New Email flow, and be placed into step 3 - where you can edit the pre written content.
7.  Click here for help on Creating an New Email.

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