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The Social Media Hub Page displays posts and other data for the Twitter, Foursquare and Facebook accounts that you've added to Fishbowl.

Social Media Hub Page Overview

At the top of the page, you'll see a Post to Social Media button.  This will bring you to the Post page.

Once you've added accounts, you'll see a Recent Activity grid where a stream of posts and messages made to the accounts you've added.

 Tango social hub 700.jpg

Display Settings

You can play with the display settings to see different views of this data, such as which posts to show, which tags to show, and which accounts to display information for.

You can select which types of posts you want to view by adjusting the drop down menu next to "Show."  The default view is All Activity.  This means that both activity made by the Admin holders of these accounts, as well as activity made by other people who post to these accounts (ie, guests of your restaurant) will be shown in the Recent Activity grid.  Other options under this drop down are  "My Activity" and "Other Activity."  My Activity will display only the posts that the Admin holder of the accounts has made.  Other Posts will display posts that other people have made to these accounts.


You can select which types of posts you want to view by adjusting the drop down menu next to "Tags."  This will only apply if you've included a tag to your post and made the post through the Social Media post page on Fishbowl.  Learn more about tagging posts.  For instance, you could select the "Menu" tag to view all of your posts that have that tag associated.

You may want to narrow down and view only the activity on your Facebook pages, or Twitter accounts.  To do this, click on th avatar thumbnail images for the accounts you want to view. All accounts are selected by default.

Activity Information

In the Recent Activity grid itself, there are several columns of information, including Posted by, Headline, Date and Time, Like, Comments, Retweets.

Posted by shows the avatar of the person who posted the comment.  Headline is a snippet of the post.  Date and time tell you when the post was posted.  And the Like, Comments and Retweet columns show you how many people have liked, commented on or retweeted the post.

At the bottom of the grid, you can page to view more posts, or you can elect to show more than 10 posts on the page.

 Activity info.JPG


Account Summary

At the top right of the page, there is an Account Summary that displays all of your accounts linked to the Social Media Marketing feature.  A count of current Fans or Followers also appears.  You can click on each account name to manage that account.

 Account summary.jpg 

You can also add an account from this page by clicking the "Add an account" button.

 Pending Posts

 At the right of the page, you'll see your Pending Posts.  You can schedule a post to go out at a future date.  From this page, you can edit a pending post, or even delete a pending post by clicking on it.

 Pending posts.jpg

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