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The Social Buzz Tab tracks everything that's being said about your businss on social networks, such as Twitter, Foursquare, Facebook, Instagram and more.   See photos, videos, tweets, and check-ins related to your business.  

The Social Census module shows you how many people are talking about you in the last 30 days, along with how many pictures and videos have been posted and how many people have checked in to your restaurant.  

The Social networking buzz graph can be adjusted by using the bar underneath the cart to select certain time periods.  This way you can zero in on a few months to see any peaks and valleys in your social buzz.  This could help you identify a potential service or management issue.  

The Social Buzz module shows all social mentions found for your business across several social networking sites.  See a good social mention?  Easily share mentions on your own Twitter, Facebook or other social network accounts.

Use the "What's the buzz" module to learn how your customers feel about your restaurant based on the sentiments in their social mentions.  Search the social mentions using keywords, such as "fun" or "great."

Use the "Source Types" module to drill down to see social mentions from specific sources - such as only from Instagram, or only from Foursquare.


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