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How do I see who redeemed my offers?

To see who redeemed your offers, go to the Reports Tab – Email Reports page.  Click on the Details link to see the detailed email report of the email you sent containing an offer.  There will be an Offer Redemption summary section on that detailed email report for every email you send that contains Offer Tracking.  Here you’ll see the number of offers attempted, number of email offers redeemed, number of social / online offers redeemed, number of failed offers, reported sales and reported discounts applied. 

If you click on the number of email offers redeemed, you’ll see a list of the email addresses who redeemed your offers.  If you click on each email address, you’ll be brought to that person’s member profile, where you can see all the details of what emails they’ve received from you, when they opened it, and when they clicked on it.  

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