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When you click the "Manage your reputation" link from the Fishbowl home page to open the Reputation Management dashboard, you'll be brought to the Reviews Tab.

From the Reviews Tab, all of your online reviews for your business from hundreds of web sites will be displayed in the lower middle section of the page under "Reviews."  You can easily stay on top of where your customers are talking about you and what they're saying.  The big star rating shows your overall review rating across the web.  The popularity trend graph can be adjusted by using the bar underneath the cart to select certain time periods.  This way you can zero in on a few months to see any peaks and valleys in your reviews.  This could help you identify a potential service or management issue.  

Click on a review to be brought to the review itself.  If the site allows it, you can leave a reply or a comment as the owner of the restaurant.  

Sort your reviews by ratings using the "Browse by ratings" module on the left.  This allows you to view reviews that are 1 star, 2 stars, etc.  

Sort your reviews by source using the "Browse by sources" module on the left.  This allows you to view reviews from just one source, such as just from Yelp, OpenTable, or Trip Advisor.  

Use the "Review keywords" module on the right to quickly learn how customers feel about your business, based on the sentiments in their reviews.  Search for reviews that contain a certain keyword, such as "bad service" or "bad food."

Receive a good review?  Share it on Twitter, Facebook and other social networks by clicking the social icons about the review.  

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