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The Revenue Estimate Calculator allows you to estimate the amount of revenue generated by email redemptions.  To use this calculator, keep track of the number of redemptions for a particular email offer or coupon. Then, find the average dollar amount spent per guest, the average number of guests per transaction or table, and the value of your offer (or average if there are multiple offers).


To calculate estimated revenue generated by email redemptions:

1. Enter the following information:

Email Offer Redemptions: total number of emails customers redeemed at the restaurant.
Avg. Spent per Guest: check average per person.
Avg. Guests per Transaction: average number of people in each party.
Avg. Offer Value: average discount of offer(s) you are tracking. If there is more than one offer being redeemed, then take the average of the two.  If you are only tracking one offer, enter the offer amount.

2. Click Submit.

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