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Now you can easily post your email to Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare.  This feature is only enabled if you have the Social Media Marketing product included in your Fishbowl account.  If you do not have Social Media Marketing, contact us today and we’ll talk to you about how to get set up. 

Posting your email to social media:

From Step 4 of the create email flow, you’ll see an area to select the social media accounts to which you’d like to post your email.   To select which accounts your email will post to, click the avatar associated with the account.  You can easily select all or deselect all by using the links near the bottom of the social media section.  You can add another social media account by clicking the green Add an account button. 

You’ll also see a text box where you can include a message with your post.  You’ll see some default text in here, you can use this text or replace it with your own.  We recommend you include a short message on the contents of your email to entice people to click on the link to view the full online version of your email.  By default, we’ll generate an online version of your email, and run the link through the url shortener 

We’ll also include an image of your email with your social post by default.  You can elect to not include an image of your email in the social post by un-checking the check box at the bottom of the page that says “Include a preview of the email in my post.”

The email will post to your selected social media accounts 30 minutes after you’ve scheduled for the email to go out.  This is to ensure that the email has successfully gone through our systems, and been sent to all your members before it’s posted on your social accounts.  

Facebook posting.JPG


Once you’ve created your email and selected which accounts it should post to, you should schedule and send your email.  If you cancel the email, the post will not go out.  The social post is completely tied to the email.  If the email goes out, and you want to cancel the social post, you can do so by going to the Social Media tab.  On the right under Pending Posts, your social post will appear, and from here you can delete the post.  But remember, you only have 30 minutes to do this, since the social post will go out 30 minutes after the email does.


You can edit the social media post as you edit the email.  If the email is in draft or scheduled to be sent, click Edit next to the correct email and make any changes, then schedule and send the email and your post will go out 30 minutes later.


Viewing the post:

Here is what a completed social media email post looks like on Facebook. 

Thumbnail facebook.JPG

If you click the thumbnail of the picture, you’ll see a bigger preview of the email.  The picture of the email may be truncated on Facebook.  This is because we need to take a snap shot of your email and depending on how long it is, some items may get cut off.   This is ok because we’ll always include the link to the online version of the email where your guests can view the email in its entirety. 

Email on facebook.JPG

Other notes:

This feature does not appear in the Auto Loyalty Messages flow.  This is because your Auto Loyalty Messages are highly personalized, and you wouldn’t want those to be posted on social networks for everyone to see.  

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