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From the Post to Social Media page, you can create a message to post  to your linked social media accounts!

When you first come to the social media post page, you can begin your post in any area.  You'll want to make sure you select a Social Media account in the left column to post to.  You'll see links at the bottom of that column where you can select all accounts, deselect all accounts, or even add a new account.

 Post to social 5 700.jpg

In the center is where you write the message you want to post.  You'll notice if you have a twitter account selected, that a character count appears.  This is to remind you of the 140 character limit for Twitter.

In the column on the right, you can Upload an ImageSelect Tags for Reporting, or Set a Date and Time to schedule when you want your post to go out in the future.

Clicking "Post Now" will post your message to the Social Media accounts selected.

Post char limit 700.jpg 


 Post page success.jpg

You can go to your Facebook, Foursquare or Twitter page directly to check out the post, and you will be able to view the post on the Social Media hub page.  (You may need to click the refresh button).



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