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What is Offer Tracking?

Offer Tracking is an exicing new feature from Fishbowl that enables you to track offer redemptions, see who redeemed what offers, combat guest fraud and view high level ROI reporting.  Offer Tracking is included as a new content block in the New Editor. To use Offer Tracking, you must be enabled with the New Editor.  If you are not, please contact and ask for the New Editor to be enabled for your account. 

Watch this video for training on Offer Tracking! 

Using our New Editor, drag and drop the Offer Tracking content block into your email to include an offer code.  In step 3 of creating a new email, you'll see the Offer Tracking content block on the left.  

Offer tracking content block r14.JPG

Drag and drop that content block into your email and the Offer Tracking content block will appear.  For now to keep things simple, you cannot edit any of the text or the color of the content block.  The background of the offer tracking content block will always be white so that the offer code appears well for guests when they're reading your emails.  You'll see that the offer code appears as 000-000-000.  When guests open your email, that is where their unique one-time use offer code is shown.  You may move or delete this content block, but you cannot duplicate it, as only one offer tracking content block is allowed per email.  

Offer tracking in email r14.JPG

Next, you'll want to be sure you call out an offer in your email itself.   We recommend including a text box just above the offer tracking content block which explains what your offer is.  See below.  

Email with offer tracking r14.JPG

When you send yourself a test email with offer tracking included, a real offer code will be generated for your email address.  This is so you can test out the guest and wait staff experience when they go to redeem an offer.  When you send out this email, any email addresses who already redeemed their offer will see "Redeemed" instead of an offer code in their email.  

Next: Posting an email with offer tracking online and to social media.  

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