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On the Manage Lists page, you can view all your lists.  General Mailings is the list that all of your members are added to by default.  You may create up to 30 additional lists.  These lists can be used to define member interests (e.g. Wine Dinner Notifications, Family & Kids Information, Catering Information).

You may now export your list directly from Fishbowl!  Do so here from the Manage Lists page.  Find the list you would like to export, and click the Export button and an XLS will download.  

Manage lists page 650.jpg  

You may also now deactivate or hide a list.  To do so, click the pencil icon next to the list you wish to hide or deactivate.  This will bring up the Edit List pop up where you can deactiavte or hide the list.  

A Deactivated list DOES NOT appear in the mailing work flow and also DOES NOT appear on your join page.  So, no users on your account can email a deactivated list and guests cannot join a deactivated list.  A deactivated list is just as good as deleting the list.  To be CAN SPAM comliant, you cannot completely delete a list, so deactivating the list is as good as deleting it.  

A Hidden list DOES appear in the mailing work flow but DOES NOT appear on your join page.  So users on your acccount can email a hidden list, but guests cannot join a hidden list.  Hidden lists are great for including email addresses of people you'd like to send test emails to before you send to your entire database.   

FAQ: What is General Mailings?

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