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Your custom email design, (aka custom email template), has a denoted pixel width.  So do all of the generic email designs.  This pixel width is not normally wider than 600 pixels to comply with email marketing best practices.  

When you upload an image using the Image Manager, your image will automatically resize to be no wider than the pixel width denoted within the design you're using.  If you happen to upload your image with in the Image Map Editor, this can cause problems.  There is a known bug when you upload your image this way.  We are working on creating a new email editor that will solve this problem and many more.  If you upload the image using Image Map Editor, you may see "breaks" in your email, where there are vertical white lines or spaces in your email design.  

To avoid seeing "breaks" in your email design, always follow these steps when uploading an image:

1. In step 3 of creating an email, click on Advanced Editor.

2. Click in the area where you'd like to upload an image.  Click the Image Manager.

3. Click Upload, and locate your image on your computer.  

4. Click the upload button at the bottom of the pop up to upload your image.

5. Then click the Insert button on the bottom right to insert the image into your email.

Your image will be appropriately resized and loaded into the Advanced Editor.  

If you wish to image map your image, (aka have certain areas of your image link to different websites) follow these steps:

1. Select the image, then click the Image Map icon .

2. The Image Map Editor will appear.

3. Select an Area Shape, either rectangle or circle.

4. Click New Area.

5. A shaded area will appear on the image. Resize and move the shaded area to cover the clickable area.

6. Enter a URL for the clickable area.

7. Click OK.

8. The image maps will be indicated by shape on the image, but will not be visible when the email is sent.

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