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The Image Map function allows you to link different areas of an image to different destinations.  For example, let's say you have an image that shows a link to your website, and a link to your Facebook page, like this one.

Tango Gift Card Promo Email 450.jpg


First, we'll upload this as an image in Step 3 of the New Editor using the Image Only content block.  Once it's uploaded in the Image Editor, hover over the image and click Image Map.  

Image map tango 650.jpg

Once you click Image Map, you'll see the below.  Here you can draw shapes on your image and have those shapes link to different places. For example, we'll draw a rectangle shape over the Facebook icon that appears on the right side of our image, and we'll link that to Facebook.  

Image map step 1 650.jpg

To draw a shape, choose which shape you like - Rectangle or Circle.  Rectangle is chosen by default.  With your mouse, click and drag the area that you'd like to link.  Click again once you're done drawing your shape, and the shape area will turn yellow.  So now you'll see a yellow box over the Facebook icon.  Just below the image, fill in the Link To box and the Tooltip box.  Link To is the email address or website where you want the reader of your email to go to when they click that part of the image.  Tooltip is what will be shown to a reader of your email when they mouse over that part of the image.  

Image map with link to 450.jpg

Now you can scroll down to image map the other area on your image... Then click Save, and your image will be mapped.  Pro Tip - once your image is mapped, you will not be able to resize your image.  

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