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1. Add Reservation Link  

  • We've made it easier than ever to include a reservation link in your email, while creating your email.  
  • On Step 3 of the Create New Email flow, you'll notice an "Add Reservation Link" check box.  This box is checked by default, and will insert the reservation link that you have set up on the Webpage Links page automatically, per store.  
  • If you check the "Add Reservation Link" box and you don't have a link for Reservations included in the Webpage Links page, we'll prompt you to add one.  And if you do no wish to have a reservation link included in your email, you can simply uncheck the box.
  • Follow directions on the Webpage Links page to add a reservation link for your stores.  

2. Add Personalization

  • Checking this box will add each subscriber’s first name into the email, just before the body copy.

• Note:  The first name inserted is the name provided when the subscriber opted-in.  The spell check function will not edit spelling or punctuation For Advanced Edit Personalization instructions, see Insert Profile Fields.

3. Forward to a Friend

  • Checking this box will add a “Forward to a Friend” link to the bottom of your email. Subscribers can use this link to share your email with friends or family. Clicking the link will open up a form that will allow them to enter their friends' email addresses to receive this email.

• Note:  This will not add the forwarded email addresses to the database, unless the friend signs up using the link in the forwarded email. For Advanced Edit Forward to a Friend instructions, see Insert Links.

4. Update Profile

  • Checking this box will add an “Update Your Profile” link to the bottom of your email.  Subscribers can use this link to add or update information captured on the online join page.  (EX: First Name, Birthdate, Anniversary, etc). For Advanced Edit Update Profile instructions, see Insert Links

5. Footer

While you’re creating a new email, we’ve made it easy to add your logo and address back to the footer if you like.  This way you can manage your footer on a per email basis.  When you create or edit an email, in step 3, now there is a “Footer” section on the left under Email Features.  There’s a check box where you can opt to include your Logo and Address per email. 

Step 3 footer 650.png

Let’s say your default setting it to hide your Logo and Address in your footer, but for this email you want to include it.  Check the “Include my Logo & Address” box and once you move on to step 4, you’ll see that the Logo and Address have been included. 

Logo address step 3 650.jpg

To save you time, you can make your option here your default setting by clicking the “Make this my default setting” link.  Then whatever you have in this email will be saved as your default setting and reflected on the Edit Footer page. 

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