How to Add an Image to an Email

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If you are using a large image or graphic as the main content in your email - perhaps an image that a professional designer has created for you- select a "Blank" design in Step 1 of the create new email flow. 

Choosing a blank design.JPG

If you simply want to include an image in your email, perhaps an image of a menu item, then you can select any design in Step 1.  

From the create new email flow, in Step 2, select a layout with a picture.  To find a layout with multiple pictures, check both Newsletters and Pictures.  

Newsletter layouts.JPG

Then in Step 3, upload the image using the Image Wizard.  Right click on the Image block, and then click the Image Wizard.  When you upload an image this way, it will resize appropriately to fit with in the area denoted for the image in the layout.  

Image wizard MHM.JPG

You may also upload an image using Advanced Editor.  Let's say you selected a layout without an image - you can still insert an image into any email using the Advanced Editor.  Once you're done writing your content in Step 3, click the Advanced Editor icon on the top left.  Click ok to the dialogue box.  Once in Advanced Editor, click the Image Manager icon.  Then follow these directions from there.

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