How do I re-sync my social media accounts?

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Your social media accounts (like Facebook, Twitter and Foursqaure) can become un-synched with Fishbowl from time to time.  This can happen if you change your password for Facebook, Twitter or Foursquare.  If one of your accounts is out of synch with Fishbowl, you'll see a red alert on the home page telling you so.  You can click the "fix it now" link in the red alert to re-sync your accounts, or follow these steps: 

1. Go to the Settings Tab - Social Media accounts page.

2. The accounts that are out of sync will appear in italics and you'll see a yellow alert icon next to the icon.  

3. Click on the account you want to re-sync, and follow the steps to re-authorize Fishbowl to post on your behalf to that account.

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