How do I fix my listings?

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In our Reputation Management product, in the Visibility Tab, you'll be easily able to see which directory listings have your business information correct, and more importantly, where it's missing or inaccurate.  If your business information is missing or listed inaccurate on a directory site, you'll see the "Fix it" button in red on the right side.  

When you click that Fix It button, you'll be brought to that directory site.  For example, here you can see my business listing is missing from Bing Local.  

Rep mgmt missing listing 650.jpg

So I'll click the Fix It button.  I'll see a note that this link will take me to Bing where I can correct or add my business listing information directly myself.  Clicking "take me there now" will bring me to Bing.  From here, I can sign in or create an account for my business.  

Unfortunately Fishbowl does not provide support on how to do this for every directory listing site.  You can search for help language on each directory site for more help.  Claiming and creating business listings on important local directories is part of what our full-service SM3 team does for their clients.  If you're interested in SM3 - please call us to learn more.   1-800-836-2818.  

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