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Top 10 FAQs:

1. A member unsubscribed, but I can still see them. 

2. What is General Mailings?  

3. Learn about template designs width 

4. File Size Guidelines

5. How do I re-send an Auto Loyalty message to a guest?

6. How do I update my payment information?

7.How do I update the address at the bottom of my emails? 

8. How do I re-sync my social media accounts?

9.In Reputation Management - how do I "fix" my listings?

10. Where do I find drafts for my Auto-Loyalty emails?

Home Page

Welcome Menu 

Upcoming Webinars

Upcoming Events

Your Recent Emails

Social Media Recent Activity

Loyalty Messages

Members Home Page


Use these help pages for help with Creating Emails using the New Editor that's in Beta.
1. Create a New Email - New Editor

Use these help pages for help with Creating Emails using the Old Editor.

1. Create a New Email

Email out a Menu, Image, or PDF

2. Editing an Email Draft

3. Automated Loyalty Messages

4. Editing Emails

5. Scheduled Emails - Emails Tab

6. Sent Emails

7. Manage Automated Loyalty Messages

8. Search Emails

9. Event Calendar

10. Promotional Ideas

11. Custom Email Design

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