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   1. Create a New Email - New Editor</div>
 *Email out a Menu, Image, or PDF - New Editor
 *Email General Navigation - New Editor
 *Email Step 1 - New Editor
 *Email Step 2 - New Editor
 *Email Step 3 - New Editor
 *Using the Text Editor - New Editor
 *Using the Image Editor - New Editor
 *Image Map - New Editor
 *Email Options
 *Send a Test - New Editor
 *Email Step 4 - New Editor
 Use these help pages for help with Creating Emails using the Old Editor.
 1. Create a New Email
 Email out a Menu, Image, or PDF
 *Email General Navigation
 *Email Step 1
 *Email Step 2
 *Email Step 3
 **How to Add Text to an Email
 **How to Add an Image to an Email
 **How to use the Email Features
 **How to use the Layout Features
 **Advanced Editor
 ***Hyperlink Manager
 ***Image Manager
 ****Image Editor
 ***Image Map
 ***Insert Links
 ***Insert Personalization
 ***Insert Wizards
 **Send a Test
 *Email Step 4
 **Post your Email to Facebook and Twitter
 **Email to Guest Codes
 *Email Step 5
 2. Editing an Email Draft
 3. Automated Loyalty Messages
 *Create a New Automated Loyalty Message
 *Edit an Automated Loyalty Message
 4. Editing Emails
 5. Scheduled Emails - Emails Tab
 6. Sent Emails
 7.  Manage Automated Loyalty Messages
 8. Search Emails
 9. Event Calendar
 10. Promotional Ideas
 11. Custom Email Design


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