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- Once you've prepared and uploaded your file, we check to make sure it's in a format we can accept.

- Next, we present a list of the column headers in your file, so that you can match them to the corresponding field in our database. If the system can accurately determine the matching, it will do so automatically.

- Email address and store code are the only fields that must be matched; others are optional.

- Any fields not matched will be ignored.

How to match the fields

1. Drag a field from the table on the left ("Available fields from your file") on to the corresponding row in the table on the right (e.g., you'd drag Store over to the Store Code* row).

2. If you want to undo a match, you can either drag the field label back, or click the "<<" symbol.

3. When you've matched all the fields you want to match, click Continue.


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