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What is a Facebook Custom Tab?

First let’s talk about Facebook Tabs.  A Facebook Tab is one of those square boxes on your Facebook Business Page.  Every Facebook Business Page has 12 of them – your first one is locked as Photos.  Facebook will allow you to publish anything else you like in the other 11 tabs.  These are great marketing tools to market your restaurant on Facebook and customize your Facebook Page! 

Updated facebook tabs 650.png

Updated facebook tabs 2nd.png

To make it easy for you to publish content to a Facebook Tab, we’ve created a Facebook Custom Tab publisher in Fishbowl.  It can be used for anything.  You can publish your menu to a Tab on Facebook, your live band schedule, your beer list, anything!.

Let's walk through how to create a Facebook Custom Tab, step by step:  

1.  Once logged into Fishbowl, mouse over the Social Media Tab, and click Manage Facebook Tabs.  On the Facebook Tab page you’ll notice that there is a place in the middle of the page where you can upload an image.  This is helpful to upload your menu, live band schedule, beer or wine list to Facebook.   Click to upload an image.  



2.  Once you’ve upload your Image, you'll notice that you can link the image to a url.  You could have this link to view the full menu on your website, or link to make a reservation.  You may also want to consider changing the App Icon image and name to match your offer.  The App Icon is what will appear in the square box for the Tab itself on Facebook.  So, for example, if you’re posting your menu, perhaps upload an image of one of your best menu items.  Also consider changing the name of the Tab to something like "View Our Menu" so that Facebook users who are browsing your Facebook Page know what content is there.

Link menu.jpg

3. Next, click Publish and select which Facebook Pages you’d like to publish to.  We’ll automatically show any Facebook Pages that you already have authenticated with Fishbowls Social Media Marketing.  Click on the avatar to select which Facebook accounts you’d like to publish to.  If you have another Facebook account you’d like to add, you can do so here.

  • Note that we’ll only show Facebook Pages, and not Facebook Personal Profiles.  This is because this feature does not work with Facebook Personal Profiles, as there are no Tabs on a Facebook Personal Profile.  If you have your restaurant’s Facebook page set up as a Facebook Personal Profile, we highly recommend you switch it to a Facebook Business Page.   Here are Facebook help docs on how to do that.   

4. Once you have selected which accounts to publish to, click the Publish button.  Once the tab has successfully published, you’ll see a “Publish Successful” message above the button and you’ll notice a green message at the top of the page that says your Tab is currently on.  The Tab will automatically publish to your Facebook Page in Tab position 2 – just after your Photos.  If you’d like to adjust the tab position, you can do so on your Facebook Page.

To Edit your Tab:

You can make any changes you need to from the Facebook Tab page in Fishbowl.  You can adjust your image, where the image links, adjust which Facebook pages you have it published to, change the app icon image and name, etc.  Just be sure to click the blue Update button on the top right when your changes are final, and we'll publish your changes to your selected Facebook Pages.  

To Turn Off your Tab: 

You can quickly and easily turn the Tab off from Fishbowl.  From the Facebook Tab page, click on the "Turn it off" link next to the green message that says your tab is currently on.  This will remove the Tab from your various Facebook Pages.  

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