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We’ve created a new report called Email and Social Media Report. This report will show you data and trends for your email account, and any Facebook and Twitter accounts you have synced with Fishbowl. For Email, the report will show your member growth for the month, average message open rate, average loyalty open rate, and average click through rate. For Facebook, the report will show your Fan growth for the month, engagement per post, and number of check ins. For Twitter, the report will show your Follower growth for the month, number of tweets and number of retweets.

To generate this report, go to the Reports Tab, then the Email and Social Media Report page. Select the month for which month you’d like to run the report, and click Download. The report will export as an excel workbook. The report is available for the previous month on the fourth of each month. So for example, the report for June will be available on July 4th.

There will be between 4 and 6 tabs for your report; a Summary Tab, potentially an All Stores Tab, an Email Tab, a Facebook Tab, a Twitter Tab and potentially a Reviews Tab if you have Reputation Management enabled on your account.  

This report will show you data for Email, Facebook and Twitter. The report will only show you data for Facebook and Twitter accounts that you have synced with your Fishbowl account. If you do not have any Facebook or Twitter accounts synced with your Fishbowl account, then no data will appear on those tabs.

We've made some enhancements on the Summary tab.  The Summary Tab will now show how many people joined your mailing list as a result of a Facebook Sweepstakes if you ran one during the month.  The report will also show how many clicks to make a reservation occured in your emails for the month.    

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