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Once you're done creating your email in Step 3, move on to Step 4.  This will look a bit different from the old editor, but you can still accomplish the same things, and more!

Step 4 new editor.JPG

There are 3 main things to think about on this page:  

1. Select Recpients

Choose which list you would like your email to go to.  If you'd like to include all your members, it's best to select General Mailings, as all members are added to this list by default.  Chose which locations you would like your email to go to.  If you're an OpenTable client, any OpenTable Guest Codes will appear here as well.  

2. Post to Social

If you have Social Media Marketing enabled, here is where you can select to which social accounts you'd like this email to post.  Be sure to click the social account icon so that a green check mark appears on the top left indicating that the social account is selected. In the text box, type the message you'd like to include with the image of the email.   

If you do not have Social Media Marketing enabled and wish to learn more, contact us at or 1-800-836-2818

3. Set Time

With the New Editor, you can Send Now!  Or you can elect to Send Later with 15 minute time increment options.  Note you can see how many recipients will receive your email.  Once you've selected to send now or later, click the blue Send / Schedule button.   

Confirmation Page

When you're all done, you'll see a confirmation page.  Here you'll see your message name, subject line, send date and time, how many members the email was sent to, which list it was sent to, which locations it was sent to, and which social media accounts it will be posted to.  

There will also be a Copy button, so that you can easily copy the email and send another one.  This is helpful if your email is about a special event and you want to easily remind your guests about the event a few days before.  

If you've scheduled your email to be sent in the future, then a Cancel and Edit button will appear.  This is incase you realize you made a mistake and need to make a fix.  If you click the Cancel and Edit button and your email has already gone out, unfortunately we cannot recall the email.  Don't worry, everyone makes mistakes, just mail out an updated email with the mistake corrected.  Your guests will understand.  

Confirmation page.JPG

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