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Layouts are a starting point for your email.  You can use the layout functionality or you can use Advanced Editing, which will allow you to make changes to the format and layout of your email.

Recently, we’ve added four new Newsletter Layouts.  When you get to Step 2 of the create new email flow, check the boxes for Newsletters and Pictures.  You’ll see the new templates on the bottom of the first page, and on the second page.  Here are a few tips to using these new layouts: 

  • We recommend you build your entire newsletter email in Step 3, including adding your images using the image wizard.  This way, once you go into Advanced Editor, the newsletter layout will remain. 
  • To insert pictures, use the image wizard in Step 3.  This way they’ll resize appropriately to fit into the newsletter. 
  • Any unused content boxes will collapse, so you don’t need to worry about deleting them. 


Find a layout by using the check boxes under Layout Features:

Layout features.gif

Layout Features allow you to choose a layout that fits the purpose of your email.  You can select multiple options from the list.  The available layouts will be filtered based on your selection.

Offers – The layouts contain Offer and Restrictions fields.
Newsletters – The layouts contain a newsletter wizard section.
Links – The layouts contain one or more link fields.
Pictures – The layouts contain picture fields.  Some picture layouts will also contain HTML fields
Menu – The layouts contain a menu wizard section.

As the filters are applied, you will see icons of the available layouts.

Selecting a Layout

1. Click the icon and a blue frame will border the layout you chose.

Select layout.gif

2. The preview of the layout using the design you chose will be displayed.

Click Next to proceed to Step 3.

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