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As restauranteurs, you know the power a good online review on Yelp, Trip Advisor or OpenTable can have on your business.  Unfortunately you also probably know the power a bad review can have.  But who has time to check each site daily, looking for an updated review about your restaurant?  With Reputation Management form Fishbowl, you just have to read your email.

Reputation Management automatically sends an email notification to your inbox whenever a new review is written about your restaurant.  

We watch hundreds of review sites, including Yelp, Trip Advisor, OpenTable, Google Plus, Google Maps, Bing Local, Yahoo Local, Kudzu and more and email you every time a review is written about your restaurant.  

By default, on the Notifications Tab, reviews will be sent to you "as they arrive" - which means as soon as we detect a review, we'll email you.  You should expect to receive 1-2 emails a day with this setting enabled.  You may elect to receive weekly email notifications.  However, we recommend you keep the Email Notifications set to be sent to you as they arrive.  If you receive a good, or even more importantly a bad review, you'll want to be notified right away so that you can take action if necessary.  There's nothing worse than receiving a bad review for a day when you don't remember who was working the shift.  

The email notifications will mention the star rating, the website the review was found on, a few lines of the review itself, and link to view the full review on coorelating website.

You will also be alerted when a new or modified listing is found for your restaurant, and when mentions of your restaurant are found on various social networking sites.

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