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To Edit a Pending Post, click on the Social Media tab.  This will bring you to the Social Media Hub page.

Locate the Pending Post grid on the right.  Click on the post you want to edit.

 Edit a pending post.jpg


This will open the post in a window, where you can see the details of the post. If you want to Edit, click the "Edit" button.

Edit window.jpg


This will bring you to the Post page but with the content of the pending post filled out in the appropriate areas. From here you can edit everything!  You can select or deselect an account  to post the message to.  You can edit your message itself, adding or deleting text.  You can add or delete images or videos.  To edit a tag, click the "Select tags for reporting" window and make your edits there.

To edit the date and time, click the "Set Date and Time" and make your edits in that window.

  Editing a post.jpg


Once you're finished editing, click the "Post As Scheduled" button.  You'll see a success message.  If you need to edit the post yet again, you can certainly do so!  Go back to the hub page where the pending posts are listed, and start this flow again.

 Post as scheduled success.jpg


Next, learn how to Delete a pending post.



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