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Edit Footer:

Whatever settings you have here will be your default footer setting.  This will be shown as your footer when you create a new email or edit an email.   

We’ve heard from several of you that they’d love the ability to customize the footer of your email.  With our April release, we’ve made that possible.  To customize your footer, navigate to the Settings Tab, then the Email Footer page. 


From here, you can elect to Hide your logo and address from your footer by clicking the “Hide Logo & Address” button.  Once you click the “Hide Logo & Address” button, the space containing the logo and address in the footer will collapse.  If you keep the address and logo hidden, this is what the footer of your emails will look like. 


If your logo is missing or inaccurate, hover your mouse over the logo and you can easily update it by clicking the “Update Logo” button. 


You can do the same to update your address.  Hover your mouse over the address shown, and click “Update Address.” 

From this page you may also edit the Opt-In Disclaimer text.  To do so, click the “Edit Disclaimer” button, or hover your mouse over the Disclaimer text and click “Update Disclaimer.”  We will automatically add the email address that the guest used to sign up for your marketing list.  We will also automatically add your mailing address to the end of your Opt In Disclaimer so that you’re CAN SPAM compliant. 


The CAN SPAM Act of 2003 requires that a disclaimer appear in each of your emails regarding (1) who sent the email (company name and physical address) and (2) how to unsubscribe from future emails.  If you choose to edit the disclaimer, which will appear at the bottom of every email, please keep these requirements intact.  For a more detailed description of the law, visit http://www.ftc.gov/bcp/edu/pubs/business/ecommerce/bus61.shtm.

The “Opt-in Disclaimer” appears in the footer of your emails.

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