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What is a Custom Email Design?  

A Custom Email Design helps brand your emails.  We also sometimes call these your Email Template.  When you're a full-service SM3 client, or if you've purchased a Custom Email Design from us, our creative team will create a Custom Email Design that's branded as your restaurant.  We generally create the design to match your website, unless you provide us other creative direction.  Then you can use this email design to send out your emails using Fishbowl!  

Below are some helpful things to know about Custom Design:

1.  We can only put images or content in the top (header) and bottom (footer) of the email design.  This is so that your body copy and other email content has a place to go - the middle! 

2. Once content is put into your email design as the header and footer content, it is set.  We cannot change it unless you would like to incurr changes at $150 an hour.  (see below)

3. If you have creative assets that you'd like us to use in your email design, such as images, logos, etc, please be sure you send that to us.  

4. We provide 2 rounds of edits when creating your email design.  Any edits that exceed this are charged at $150 per hour. 

5.  And finally, you don't HAVE to use this design for all the emails you send out of Fishbowl.  You will still have access to all 500 of our restaurant specific email designs.  This custom email design just helps you brand your restaurant a bit more.  

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