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1.       You can create a new Auto Loyalty Message from the home page or from the Emails Tab – Manage Auto Loyalty.

2.       Select which type of Auto Loyalty Message you’d like to create.

3.       Click the Create New button.

Auto loyalty create new.JPG

4.       You’ll see 3 choices with a pre chosen design and pre written content.  You’ll notice that each choice has a name, such as “Free Appetizer” or “Buy one, Get one.”  These names help highlight the offer in the pre written email. Don’t worry, you can completely customize the content of the email, or even build your own Automated Loyalty Message if you like.  

5.       You can also build your own email by clicking the Build Your Own button.

3 options auto loyalty.JPG

6.       Create the email as described in Steps 1-3 of Create a New Email.

7.       On Step 4, click the Make Active button to activate the Automated Loyalty Message.

8.       If you are not ready to activate it, click Save & Close.


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