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Use the below steps to create an email using your own creative, your own menu, or to email out a pdf that you have.  Use this if you have a flyer that you'd like to mail out, a menu pdf, or an image from your creative designer that you'd like to use in your email to your guests.

1.  Click Create New Email from the home page.

2.  After you've given your email a name, in Step 1 on the left hand side, click Designs for Images.  Select Blank 650 Design.  Then click Next.

Blank 650 design 650.jpg

3.  On Step 2, click next.  Since your goal is to mail out an image or a pdf, you don't need to worry about selecting a layout.  

4. In Step 3, give your email a subject line, and then click the Advanced Editor.   Click OK on the Advanced Editor message pop up.

Advanced editor 650.jpg

5. Once in the Advanced Editor, click the Image Manager to upload an image.  The Image Manager icon looks like a mountain with a sun rising over the mountain.

Image manager 650.jpg

6. Once in Image Manager, click Upload, then Select to browse your computer to find your image or pdf.  You can upload a png file, jpeg, gif, or pdf. Once you've found your image on your computer, click Upload, then click the file name, then click Insert

Upload 650.jpg

Insert 650.jpg

7. Then you'll see that your image or menu or pdf has been loaded into the Advaned Editor.  You may center it, or keep it left justified.  

Menu in advanced editor 650.jpg

8. Click Save, Send yourself a test, and then move to Steps 4 and 5 to email out your image or menu or pdf. 

Here's what your test email would look like:  

Test email 650.jpg

If you'd like to make your menu or image clickable, then follow these instructions for Image Mapping.  

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