Collecting Member's Birthdays and Wedding Anniversaries

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We have two Automated Loyalty Messages - Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary - that can generate great revenue for your restaurant.  These loyalty messages are sent out based on Birthday and Wedding Anniversary data in your member's profiles.  So what to do if you don't have that data for your members?  Ask for it of course!

Below are two examples of an "Update Profile" email that clients of ours have sent to their member lists.  

Adams ribs.JPG


Here are some tips on writing an "Update Profile" email.

1. Be sure to include an eye catching subject line, like "We got you a present!"

2. Tell them what they get if they update their profile.  People always want to know what's in it for them.  

3. Include a big call to action that links to the Update Profile link.  This is where members will enter in their Birthday and Anniversary information.

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