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All active Automated Loyalty Messages are sent to your members based on triggering events.  These events are as follows:

  • Welcome Email - Sent within 24 hours after a member is added to the Fishbowl database.
  • Birthday Email - Sent 7 days before a member's birthday.
  • Yearly Loyalty Email - Sent annually on the date a member was added to the database.
  • Wedding Anniversary Email - Sent 7 days before a member's wedding anniversary.
  • Thank You for Dining Email - Sent 2 days after a guest has made and kept an OpenTable reservation with you.
  • We Miss You Email - Sent 4 months after a guest has made and kept an OpenTable reservation with you.  

 You can edit when your Welcome, Birthday, Anniversay, or Wedding Anniversay emails can be sent, or leave the default timeframes as stated above. 

Please note, the Thank You and Miss You emails can only be put in use if you are also an OpenTable client on the latest version of their full reservation product.  

The Thank You and We Miss You emails are based on a member's Date Last Dined in your OpenTable software.  They work like this: when a guest makes a reservation with you via OpenTable, and then they dine with you (and you mark them as having kept the reservation via your OpenTable host stand), their Date Last Dined will update to reflect the date they were most recently in the restaurant.  Based on that date, we'll send a Thank You message two days after a guest has dined with you. And a We Miss You 4 months after a guest has last dined with you.

Here's an example on how this works via the phone:  Joe Smith calls Bill's Restaurant to make a reservation.  Bill takes down Joe's name and enters it into the OpenTable host stand "Joe Smith."  When Joe arrives at the restaurant and tells the host he has a reservation, Bill will mark Joe's name as "dining" in the restaurant.  By doing that, Joe's Date Last Dined code is updated with the date he dined.  Since Joe is a member of Bill's Restaurant's e-club with Fishbowl, OpenTable sends that information over to Fishbowl nightly.  The Thank You and Miss You emails are sent based on that Date Last Dined code. So Joe will receive an email 2 days after he dined at Bill's Restaurant.  And if he doesn't make a reservation and dine again at Bill's Restaurant for another 4 months, he'll receive the Miss You email.  

Here's an example on how this works via the Internet:  The experience is the same, just the reservation is made online.  Joe makes a reservation online (either at or directly on Bill's Restaurant's website) with OpenTable.  Joe's name appears in the OpenTable host stand as having a reservation.  Then Joe arrives to dine, his Date Last Dined is updated, and he receives the Automated Loyalty Messages as mentioned above.  

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