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The Advanced Editor allows you to manipulate font color, size, alignment and style, bold, italicize and underline, indent and outdent, find & replace, undo and redo, cut copy and paste, create numbered and bullet lists, insert hyperlinks, manage images and image maps.

You can also add your own HTML by clicking on the HTML tab at the bottom of the Advanced Editor.  

Html tab 500.png

To Use the Advanced Editor:

1. Click Advanced Edit.

• Note:  After entering Advanced Edit Mode, you cannot go back to Step 1 or 2, which means you cannot change the Design or Layout after entering Advanced Edit Mode. To change design or layout you must start over at “Compose New Email.”  Please contact Local Client Services at or at 1-800-883-1984 for additional information.

2. The Advanced Editor will be displayed.

3. Use the Advanced Edit Functions to create your email content.

Advanced Edit Functions:

Icon Description
Find and replace.gif

Find and Replace - Finds (and replaces) text in the editor's content area.

Spell check.gif

Spell Check - Launches the spell checker.


Cut - Cuts the selected content and copies it to the clipboard.


Copy - Copies the selected content to the clipboard.


Paste - Pastes the copied content from the clipboard into the editor.


Undo - undoes the last action.


Redo - Redoes/Repeats the last action, which has been undone.

Image manager.gif
Image Manager - Inserts an image.
Image map.gif
Image Map - Allows users to define clickable areas within image.
Insert table.gif

Insert Table - Inserts a table.

Hyperlink manager.gif
Hyperlink Manager - Makes the selected text or image a hyperlink.

Indent - Indents paragraphs to the right.


Outdent - Indents paragraphs to the left.

Align left.gif

Align Left - Aligns the selected paragraph to the left.


Center - Aligns the selected paragraph to the center.

Align right.gif

Align Right - Aligns the selected paragraph to the right.

Bulleted list.gif

Bulleted List - Creates a bulleted list from the selection.

Numbered list.gif

Numbered List - Creates a numbered list from the selection.


Bold - Applies bold formatting to selected text.


Italic - Applies italic formatting to selected text.


Underline - Applies underline formatting to selected text.

Font select.gif

Font Select drop down - Sets the font typeface.

Font size.gif

Font Size drop down - Sets the font size.

Text color.gif

Text Color - Changes the color of the selected text.


Design View - Edit content using the HTML editor.


HTML View - Edit content using HTML code.


Preview - Preview content.

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