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An Administrative Member is a member that receives a copy of every mailing sent from the account. Here’s an example:

Owner Bob adds himself as a member and chooses to be in Location A.  When an email is sent only to Location B, Owner Bob does not receive the email.

In order to make sure Bob gets emails sent to stores that he is not a member of, he should be an administrative member.

To Add an Administrative Member

1. Administrative Members must be Users of the account.

2. If applicable, add a New User

3. On the Administrative Members page, select the user from the Quick Add dropdown.

4. Click Add

• *Note:  Administrative Members will receive a copy of every email sent from the account regardless of subscription preferences. The email sent will display store information for that member, which may not match the final audience.

To Delete an Administrative Member

1. Click the Delete icon.

2. Click OK to confirm deletion of administrative member.

• Note: The member will remain a user, but will no longer receive a copy of every email sent from the account.


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