Adding Lists to Signup Slips

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Once a list has been created, you can add it to your signup slip. If you choose to do this, you are required to use custom signup slips so that the Lists can reflect the ones that you created.

To add a list to a signup slip:

1. Create a New List

2. Add the name, description (optional), and ID to your signup slip design.  There should be a checkbox for the member to opt-in. The design should be in the following format:

   (ID) Name - Description (optional)

An example of this would be as follows:                                                       

(A) Wine Club – I would like to receive notifications about wine dinners and events

** Make sure the List ID on the signup slip matches the List ID in your Fishbowl account. **

If you have more than one List on your signup slip, you can arrange them either horizontally or vertically as follows:


[   ]  (A)  Wine Club – I would like to know about wine events.

[   ]  (B)  Catering – I would like to know about catering events.

[   ]  (C)  Cheese Club – I would like to know about cheese events.


[   ]  (A) Wine Club                         [   ]  (B) Catering                             [   ]  (C) Cheese Club


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