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You can manage the different social media accounts that are linked to Fishbowl by navigating to the Settings tab -- then Social Media Accounts.

From here you can add a Facebook or Twitter account, or unlink the ones that are already linked to Fishbowl.  



To unlink an account, click on the account name.  A window will appear like below, where you can click the "Unlink this account" link.



On the window above, you'll see a Reauthorize this account button.  From time to time, your account may need to be reauthorized to link to Fishbowl.  This may happen if you haven't signed into that account in a while.


Once you click Unlink, the account will be removed from the list of your linked accounts.


If we do not have the appropriate permissions granted to us by Facebook for the Social Media product to function properly, we'll mark you account as out of sync.  It's best practice to accept all permissions that Fishbowl asks of your Facebook page when you initially authenticate your Facebook account with Fishbowl.  While you can manage and even remove most of these permissions at Facebook, we recommend you leave them all intact to ensure that your posts sent out via Fishbowl are posted to Facebook uniterrupted.  

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