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The Edit Content step allows you to compose the content of your email, including text, images and links.  At the top, you'll see your Message Name (which is shown only to you, not your recipients), your email From name, and your Subject line.  You'll also see Back and Next buttons, a Save button, and a Send a Test button.  

Notice the "Add Content" column on the left.  Here is where you can add more Content Blocks to your email.  

Step 3 new editor 650.png

Click on a Content Block and drag and drop it into your email on the center of the page.  When you drag and drop a Content Block, a guide will appear so that you can see where you can drop the content block.  

Drag and drop helper 650.jpg

The available Content Blocks are:



Image Only

Image only.png

Image Left with Text

Image left with text.png

Image Right with Text

Image right with text.png

Line Divider.

 Line divider.png



To edit the contents of a Content Block, simply click on it.  You'll notice that if you click on text, the Text Editor will appear.  

Text editor.JPG

And if you click on an image, the Image Editor will appear. You can upload your own image or you can select from the Image Library, a library of stock images that Fishbowl maintains and that is free for our clients to use.  

Image editor new editor 2.JPG

And if you click on a Button, the Button Editor will appear. Text, link, and button color are customizable. You can link to your Reservations page, any saved Webpage Links that you have set up in your Settings, or to another link.  

Button pop.png

Your work will autosave every three minutes.  There are Undo and Redo buttons on the top right of the page.  For Text boxes, you'll see lorem ipsum, this will be removed when you click into a text content block to edit it.  Any unedited content blocks will be removed when your email is sent out to your recipients.  

You can Move, Duplicate or Delete a content block.  Hover over a content block to see the Move, Duplicate or Delete buttons.  

Move duplicate delete.JPG

Next:  Using the Text Editor, Using the Image Editor

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