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Pick a Winner: Once your Sweepstakes is over, you’ll need to pick a winner.  You can do this with the click of a button!  Click the Pick Winner button and enter how many winners you’d like, then click Pick Winners.  We’ll select a winner at random.  If you do not like the winner, or if the winner is you or someone else who is ineligible, you can Pick Again.  The first winner will be thrown out and another winner selected.  You can pick up to 100 winners. 

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Notify Your Winner: Once you’ve picked your winners, email them to let them know they’ve won!  Give them information on how they can redeem their prize, for example, “Stop by the restaurant and present an ID to receive your $50 gift card.”  Or “Reply to this email with your mailing address and we’ll mail you your gift card.”  It’s also a good idea to post the winner on Facebook to generate buzz and engagement.   Everyone always wonders who wins these kinds of Sweepstakes anyways.  Doing this can incentivize even more guests to enter your next Sweepstakes. 

'S'ave Entries: The people who entered your Sweepstakes are automatically entered into your General Mailings list, with the guest's favorite location they chose at the time they entered your Sweepstakes.  Once your Sweepstakes is over, you can download your entries.  This way, if you’d like to create a separate mailing list with people who have entered your Sweepstakes in the past, you can.

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