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Adding tags to your social media posts help you see which themes in your posts are the most successful.  A Tag is a keyword, such as Contest, Menu, Current Events, or Sports.  Tags can be used to help organize seasonal posts or marketing campaigns.

Reports for Social Media Marketing is coming soon, but in the mean time you can filter your posts by tags on the Social Media Hub Page.

To add a tag to your post, click the Select Tags for Reporting link on the Post page.  You can select from the list of suggested tags on the left by clicking the tag name or plus sign next to it.  You can also add your own by typing it in to the text box at the bottom left, and click Add.

  Select tags for reporting.jpg


You can add multiple tags - as tags are added, they'll appear in the column on the right under Selected Tags.  To remove a tag from this post, click the red X.   Once you are happy with your tags, click Save Changes.  You can click cancel to disassociate any tags with this post.  Tags are only for your view and for your tracking purposes.  Tags do not appear to your Fans and Followers on either Facebook or Twitter.  

Multiple tags.jpg 

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